Our Vision

The purpose of this Society is to develop and promote cultural events in areas that are beneficial for the people of the Indian Community. In pursuing this mission, the Society has the following objectives:


  1. To introduce the Indian Community to social, cultural, community and/or athletic activities available to them through our society;
  2. To promote Indian music, theatre. art, sports, literature and other cultural and educational interests;
  3. To promote talented individuals through contests and the awarding of appreciation and prizes for significant accomplishments in the field of cultural events such as music, dance, singing, education and sports.
  4. To recognize the value of talented individuals and to provide support that will benefit their professional and academic interests and their endeavours to advance further in their goals and ambitions;
  5. To promote interest and educate the public in music, singing, folklore. dance and sports
  6. To provide an opportunity for musicians and dancers with an interest in music, singing and dancing;
  7. To foster the development and promotion of individuals with interest in music, singing or dance and sports;
  8. To provide opportunity and services for the wider Indian Community in maintaining traditional heritages and values;
  9. To encourage and promote the general advancement of Indian music and culture;
  10. To preserve and to encourage others to preserve cultural values;
  11. To initiate active collaboration and cooperation with other organizations with similar cultural objectives;
  12. To provide cultural enrichment opportunities;
  13. To work on health related issues that advantage the members and the wider community
  14. To provide information, assistance and support for new and existing Indian migrants to Northland
  15. To hold fundraising activities in order to meet above purposes;
  16. To do anything necessary or helpful to fulfil the above purposes;