Independance Day 2018 in NZHerald

NIAI in NZHearld

A very Proud moment for Whangarei…!!

This fun filled event was a great success and such a big tribute to our nation.

Please click here to see the article published in NZHearld.

Independance Day 2018 Team
Independance Day 2018

Thanks to the organizing team members – Harpreet Manish Rahul Tasha Shambhavi Khushbu

Thanks to a great patriotic dance performance by the trio Bhupinder Singh, Surinder Singh and Lucky from the Whangarei Sikh Society

Thanks to the Adorable Dancing Sisters SIMRAN & BARINDER who showcased a fantastic live performance – Well done!!!
All the kids who participated in the Fancy dress competition were amazing.

The Credit also goes to the enthusiastic audience who actively participated in all the programmes throughout the evening. Thanks for your support !!!


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